TCA Chemical Peel King County Washington Tattoo Removal

A chemical peel is basically the application of an acid to the skin with the aim of achieving a controlled burn to remove the skin’s top layers. Chemical peels are usually used to remove small scars, fine lines, liver spots, sun damaged skin and discolorations like tattoos. Peels can be applied to most regions of the body and using caution on thinner skin regions like around the eyes.

Chemical Peel King County Washington Classification

Chemical peels are categorized into 3- light, medium and deep. TCA chemical peels fall in the medium category and are the most desired as they provide better results than the lighter AHAs but are not as traumatic as the stronger Phenol peels.

Just until recently, one had to visit a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon to get a TCA chemical peel. The skin care specialist would schedule a consultation, advise you on how the procedure is done and give you a mild AHA lotion to apply for a few days before the peel treatment. The alpha hydroxy acid lotion (AHA) conditions the skin and starts the exfoliation process. During the treatment day, the dermatologist would apply the TCA solution and advise you on post-treatment care. This is usually keeping the treated skin protected with an antibacterial ointment and avoiding sun exposure.

However, today, you can buy at-home TCA chemical peel kits that are made to give you everything you need to conduct the treatment by yourself, thus saving you the cost of office consultations and treatments. Most TCA peel kits have everything you will need from the peel solution, AHA prep lotions and cotton pads to sunblock, fans, ointments and concealers. They also come with complete instructions on how to go about the treatment. You can get them from chemical peel King County Washington.

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