How to Plan a Cheap Funeral

Death is an eventuality that everyone will have to face. It’s difficult to tell when a friend, colleague, family member or neighbour will die, unless the person involved suffers from a terminal illness. Even though no one wants to die, death is something that we must all prepare for.

Funerals usually cost significant amounts of money. When you lose someone, you’ll obviously want to give the deceased a decent send-off.

What can you do if someone close to you unexpectedly dies, but there’s little or no money to help lay the deceased to rest? The answer is simple, plan for a cheap funeral. Let’s have a look at how you can go about the whole process of planning for cheap funerals.

Shop around for affordable funeral services

It will be difficult to bury your loved one without contracting a funeral home, given that it can prepare the body, preserve it and coordinate various other aspects. It’s important to note that the highest cost of a funeral usually goes to the funeral home. You can therefore minimise expenses by shopping around for the most affordable service provider.

Decline embalming

Embalming is a process that involves use of chemicals to preserve dead bodies. If you opt out of the process, it will increase the likelihood of not having an open- casket ceremony. It will also encourage friends and family to lay the deceased to rest within the shortest possible time, before deterioration of the body. Consequently, the costs will be reduced by significant margins.

Choose an affordable casket

Avoid gasketed caskets. Even though gasketing coffins would ordinarily cost the funeral home just a few dollars, they will ask you to pay hundreds of dollars.

In order to give the deceased a decent send-off, you’d want to pick an attractive casket. However, the price should fit within your budget.

It’s advisable to purchase a coffin either online or from someone who sells at wholesale prices. Even though this action will make the funeral home unhappy, you’ll save a substantial amount of money.

Inform the salesperson that you’re operating on a budget without disclosing how much you’re capable of paying.

Save on flowers

Flowers make burial ceremonies memorable and beautiful, though they can be very expensive. However, there are measures that you can take to minimise expenses related to flowers.

First, consider purchasing those that are readily available and are currently in season. Second, buy them yourself, rather than asking the funeral home to get them on your behalf.

If the funeral home has a flower package, politely decline the offer. In all likelihood, they’ll make you pay more money than you would have used to directly buy from a florist.

Find an affordable minister to conduct the service

Even though the cost of rewarding a church minister may be insignificant, it’s an important factor that must also be considered.

If the deceased had a friend or close associate who’s a spiritual leader, you can ask the minister to lead the service. He/she will grant your request at little or absolutely no cost.

If the budget is extremely tight, you can consider leading the service yourself. Alternatively, you can ask one of the departed’s friends, colleagues, family or associates to help conduct the ceremony.

Shop for an affordable headstone, grave liner or burial vault

The cost of acquiring a headstone, grave liner or burial vault is among the significant costs that you’ll
also need to budget for when planning for cheap funerals. Take time to shop around for the three items whilst comparing prices.

Flat grave markers do not cost much. Grave liners don’t cost much either. However, simple headstones cost a little more, whereas upright headstones will force you to dig deep into your pockets.

Even though the funeral home will offer you all the three items, it will be cheaper if you purchase them from independent sellers.